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  • 1982 - The impetus for developing the food bank was as a result of a determination of need by the Department of economic Security. 

  • 1983 - The food bank was incorporated in AZ as "Apache Junction Reach Out, Inc."  (This remains the legal name of the food bank today).
    • Local churches were integrally involved in the support of this effort.
    • The goal was to provide 3-5 days of food for each person served.
    • Food was initially distributed to clients at the city of Apache Junction Community Service Office.

  • 1983-1989 - Food was distributed from St George Catholic Church in AJ. 

  • 1984 - Received its first block grant from Community Action Human Resources Agency.

  • 1991 - Food distribution was moved to south Ironwood Drive.

  • 1993 - Pinal County planned to build a services complex in Apache Junction.  The food bank applied for a block grant for the construction of a new location.  A committee was formed to secure builders, tradesmen and volunteers to help construct the building.  In June, a community "barn raising" event occurred and brought the dream to reality.

  • 2016 - The food bank served over 38,000 families, distributed over 1.2 million pounds of food and received $265,000 in donations from individuals, groups, the city of Apache Junction, corporations, grants and fund raising.  

History of the Apache Junction Food Bank