FAQ’s about Food and Fund Drives

Even though we engage in several food rescue operations, a major portion of our non-perishable food
items come from food drives. Monetary donations allow us to purchase food needed to create balanced meals.

We always have a need for donations and never turn them away. However, our shelves tend to be emptier during the holidays and in the summer months, when children are out of school.

The shopping lists at the back of this kit and on our boxes contain our most needed items. Generally:

  • Donate items that you would eat.
  • Check that items are still within the “use before” date.
  • We can only accept unopened items in their original packaging.
  • We cannot accept home canned goods, or citrus or other foods grown at residential locations.
  • Plastic, boxed or canned items are best. Avoid giving glass containers.

Yes. Funds are greatly needed to keep our doors open and maintain basic staple food item supplies. The Apache Junction Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. Your gift qualifies as a tax credit which is fully tax-refundable in the state of Arizona. Checks should be made payable to Apache Junction Food Bank or you can go online at www.ajfoodbank.org  and hit the DONATE tab to use PayPal or a credit card. We are listed as Apache Junction Reach Out, Inc on the state tax sites.

The AJFB has limited staff and vehicles already used daily for food pick ups from local grocers and businesses. Your delivery to the AJFB is appreciated but, if that is not possible, call us at 480-983-2995 or email info@ajfoodbank.org to schedule your donation pick up.

We are at 575 N. Idaho Road, Suite #701, Apache Junction, AZ 85119 (southeast corner of Idaho Road and Superstition Boulevard, across the parking lot from the Arizona DMV). We receive food or fund donations Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and Wed. and Sat. from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Food insecurity means that individuals or families are so limited in their resources to buy food that they often run out of food. Often the quantity and quality of food is impacted resulting in cutting out meat, feeding their children unbalanced meals, or skipping meals so that their children can eat.

The AJFB is primarily a safety net providing food for community members who are unable to make ends meet and need to supplement their inadequate food supplies. The AJFB is a food rescue operation, working to help those in the East Valley. Our service area includes Ellsworth to the West, Queen Valley Rd to the East, McDowell Rd to the North and Ocotillo Rd to the South.

Our clients include children, seniors, the working poor and professionals who are under-employed. We provided free, nutritious emergency food to 13,140 families and 40,000 total people in 2017. We supplied nearly 470,000 meals and fed 12,000 children and about 6,800 seniors, which is a growing age segment for us. We spend less than 10% of our total income on administration costs making sure your dollars go to direct services.  We also refer our families to all the agencies and social services available in the region for additional help.

The AJFB obtains much of its food through food rescue operations from retail outlets and food drives. We also receive The Emergency Food Assistance Program is brought to our warehouse, sorted by volunteers and stored in dry storage, our refrigeration stations or freezer depending upon guidelines set forth by the USDA. Food needed to fulfill the need is also purchased.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the AJFB. We simply could not operate without the enormous donation of 14,000 hours in 2017 from approximately 140 dedicated volunteers.  Our small staff and administrative costs are less than 8% of our total operating budget. 

AJFB: 575 N. Idaho Road, Suite #701, Apache Junction, AZ 85119 (southeast corner of Idaho Road and Superstition Boulevard, across the parking lot from the Arizona DMV).  www.ajfoodbank.org   480-983-2995. Officially named and incorporated as Apache Junction Reach Out, Inc., and has met its mission for 36 years.