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More than two dozen local Boy Scouts and members of the Apache Junction Community turned out to install benches and shade structures at the front doors of the AJ Food Bank.
Braeden Smith, a member of Troup 6353 and future Eagle Scout became passionate about the project and says he was able to raise all the funds necessary and found volunteers among his troupe and in the community to purchase and install them.
The youth said while working on becoming an Eagle Scout, he wanted to take on a project that would make a difference in the community and serve the less fortunate.
“The volunteers were extremely instrumental in this project and I would like to thank them,” he said.
Now thousand of regional residents are able to use the shade and benches as they wait for services from the AJ Food Bank.
Smith also thanked the Food Bank for giving him the opportunity to serve. The Food Bank leaders, volunteers and clients are very grateful to Braeden for his generosity!

Troop 6353 Benches Project