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  • 1982 - AJFB was organized when DES recognized the need for a food bank. 

  • In the beginning we served XXX people with XXX volunteers and served XXX lbs of food.

  • 1983 - AJ Reach Out was incorporated in the state of AZ

  • From the beginning our policy has been to provide 3 to 5 days of emergency food.  Originally we looked to the churches for support.

  • For the first 6 months distribution took place at the City Community Service office and then at St George Catholic Church from 1983-1989.

  • 1984 - We received our first block grant from Community Action Human Resources Agency  (C.A.H.R.A.)

  • Our volunteers contributed 600 hours a month, 65,000 since inception.

  • 1991 - We moved our facility to South Ironwood

  • 1993 - The county planned to build a complex in AJ, we applied for a federal grant. A committee was formed to secure builders, tradesman and volunteers to help construct the building.

  • June 1993 - A community barn raising day saw this building framed and by brought the dream to reality

  • 1993 - We received our first quarterly funds in the amount of $1,250 from the City of Apache Junction to secure  more food for distribution. 

  • . . .

  • Today, 38,000 served, 1,000,000 lbs of food, $265,000 of cash donations, with the help of YOU, our 80 volunteers!

History of the Apache Junction Food Bank