(480) 983-2995
(480) 983-2995

Requirement 1

Live within our service area:

South Boundary: Ocotillo Road 

West Boundary: Ellsworth Road

North Boundary: McDowell Road

East Boundary: Queen Valley

Requirement 2

Meet 185% of the federal poverty guidelines, as established by the US Department of Health and Human Services and as determined by our board of directors.   

Income Eligibility Guidelines     

Requirement 3

Provide a valid ID and a document that shows proof of residence. A utility bill or rent receipt will work. We simply need a current document showing your name and address.

We are an emergency food bank and can provide short term assistance to families in need who live within our service area and meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet the requirements we can provide you with three to five days of food. Clients are eligible for assistance once every calendar month. Please visit us during the following hours:  

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

2:00 PM and 4:00 PM


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