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Working Together to Feed the Hungry

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Our food bank provides a 3 to 5 day emergency supply of food for individuals and families in need. Need help? Click on the links below for more information.   

The Apache Junction Food Bank has been an advocate for feeding the hungry since 1982. As a volunteer organization, we have depended on the generosity of volunteers who give their time, talents, and resources toward reaching this goal.

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575 N. Idaho Rd. Suite 701, Apache Junction, AZ 85119-4015 Call: 480-983-2995

Client Services are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2 - 4PM ~ You must bring a photo ID and current proof of your residence.

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Your contributions stay here in the East Valley

Let’s Add “Give Local” to “Shop Local”

The City of Apache Junction has done a great job promoting its “Shop Local” campaign via high-visibility signs and media coverage. Supporting local merchants is important for sustaining a vital economy with jobs and tax revenue. I’d like to submit that keeping charitable donations local is equally important.

Last fall, St. Mary’s Food Bank announced that it was consolidating its efforts due to increased demand and would no longer be supporting East Valley food banks. Consequently our Apache Junction Food Bank faces a 2015 shortfall of more than 200,000 lbs. of food previously received from St. Mary’s. Food drives and fundraising efforts are being stepped up to fill the gap and promote the value of giving locally. And the local need is significant.

Last year the AJ Reachout Food Bank distributed almost 13,000 food boxes to feed more than 36,000 people in Apache Junction, East Mesa, and Gold Canyon. We need to spread the word that by keeping food donations and dollars in our community we are offering help and hope to our neighbors – our seniors, veterans, families and children struggling with hunger in far greater numbers than many of us realize.

Donations given directly to the AJ Food Bank stay in our service area, and for every dollar donated, 94 cents goes to feeding the hungry. Let’s “Shop Local” and “Give Local” for the benefit of everyone in our community. 

The Apache Junction Food Bank is located at 575 N. Idaho Road, Suite 701, at the southeast corner of Idaho Road and Superstition Blvd. 

Joan Clair
Board President
Apache Junction Food Bank